Introduction to Silencers (Suppressors)

I’ve always been interested in suppressors, but have not tried them because of the perceived costs and annoyances involved with getting one.  Being on many mailing lists, I recently got an offer of “1/2 off” on a major brand of suppressors, and they were pretty tempting.  Unlike the “traditional” ones, which require they be screwed on, there were no threads exposed when the suppressor was not installed, and I would not need to give up my muzzle break.  The suppressor mounts to the (proprietary) muzzle break (the system also gives the option of using their flash hider instead).  This system meant that I could have one suppressor to fit any .30 caliber or smaller rifle I get (as long as it has a barrel threaded for a muzzle device).  The cost and bureaucracy seem less insurmountable  than it used to.

Unfortunately, and oddly enough, they sold out before I got my ducks in a row.  But I did the research, and here’s what I found out:



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