Knives for Defense

The focus of those interested in defending themselves is on firearms.  And this is certainly reasonable.  As was opined many years ago, “God made man, Samuel Colt made them equal”.  But a firearm is not always practical, and there are circumstances where a knife is a reasonable option.

See my article on this:

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Do you need a Bug Out Bag if you are Bugging In?

It seems fairly likely that if you plan to “bug out”, you need a “Bug Out Bag”.  But do you need one if you plan to “bug in” (NOT bug out).

I answer this question here:

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Matches for Survival

One of the most useful things for many survival situations is fire.  And there are many ways of starting a fire.

Under ideal conditions, matches are perhaps the best choice.   They are simple, small, light, cheap, and stored correctly, will be reliable for decades.  Unfortunately, survival conditions are seldom ideal, so as your primary method of fire starting, they are not a good choice.  As a backup method, they are excellent.

For details, see my article:

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Ammunition for Survival

During a crisis, you may not have enough food, or you may be beset by wild animals or people who are desperate or just have nothing to restrain their innate violence.  Or critters may stop by to help themselves to your crops or livestock.  A gun can be of help in these situations, and in order to be useful, you need to have ammunition for it.

For any particular use, there is one or more “calibers” of ammunition which is best for that.  Stocking up on 20 different calibers would be impractical, particularly since you don’t know which use will be most prevalent.

We want the minimum number of calibers which will suffice for most likely uses, and we want calibers which are common and reasonably priced today, and are most likely to be available during a crisis.  And we want the calibers to be desirable enough that if we have to , we can trade some for something we need desperately.

Check out my article on this:

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BOBs and INCHes and GHBs, oh my

“Everybody” knows about the “Bug Out Bag”, or BOB.  And many people use the term inaccurately.  There are actually several “flavors” of emergency kits which are not quite interchangeable; I attempted to differentiate between them here:

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Introduction to Silencers (Suppressors)

I’ve always been interested in suppressors, but have not tried them because of the perceived costs and annoyances involved with getting one.  Being on many mailing lists, I recently got an offer of “1/2 off” on a major brand of suppressors, and they were pretty tempting.  Unlike the “traditional” ones, which require they be screwed on, there were no threads exposed when the suppressor was not installed, and I would not need to give up my muzzle break.  The suppressor mounts to the (proprietary) muzzle break (the system also gives the option of using their flash hider instead).  This system meant that I could have one suppressor to fit any .30 caliber or smaller rifle I get (as long as it has a barrel threaded for a muzzle device).  The cost and bureaucracy seem less insurmountable  than it used to.

Unfortunately, and oddly enough, they sold out before I got my ducks in a row.  But I did the research, and here’s what I found out:



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Assault Rifles

Well, we’ve had another school shooting.  And as expected, the liberals are screaming about “gun bans” and “killing the NRA”.  Some of them have their hearts in the right place, but their minds are cloudy.  The NRA has as its primary purposes defending the Constitution and promoting gun safety.  Any insistence on keeping guns in this country should be laid squarely at the feet of our founding fathers.  And we should thank them for that; any misuse of those guns is the result of societal changes that the liberals have sponsored, and the conservatives have allowed.

The shooter used what is called an “assault rifle”.  It wasn’t, really, but that is the narrative being pushed.

Here is an article which throws some light on the subject:



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