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Teaser – Advanced 80% Receiver Jigs

Advanced 80% Receiver Jigs

There are many jigs to aid you in completing an 80% AR-15 (or AR-10/AR-308) receiver.  One of the better examples of this style was the Easy Jig by 80percentarms.com.  Then a step forward in jig technology became available from 5D tactical.  This offered much less drilling, more convenient depth setting slots, more accurate positioning of the jig with respect to the receiver, a larger diameter, better supported end mill bit, less swapping of jig parts during the milling process and a “touch free” guide system.  All in all it was a significant step forward in 80% jig technology, and a similarly advanced Generation 2 of the Easy Jig became available not long after.  As far as I know, these two are the state of the art in Jigs at this instant in time (July 2017).

So which one is better?  Ask and you’ll likely get one of three answers:  5D tactical, Easy Jig Gen 2, or “If A then 5D else Gen 2”, and in many cases, the person responding has only used one of them, so their answer is suspect.  I imagine that you can count the number of people who have used both on the thumbs of one hand, since neither one is inexpensive.  I got the 5D tactical because at that instant in time it was the only one available, but upon finding out about the Gen 2, I thought it had the potential to be “better”, but could not justify getting another jig.  I asked 80percentarms if they wanted a head to head comparison, but they declined.  So all I can do is compare the advertising and share my experiences with the 5d jig.  I’ll also have a friend who wants an AR, who has not only never done an 80% before, but is completely unpracticed with anything mechanical, use the 5D jig to see how “idiot proof” it is.

The router used will be the Dewalt DWP611 trim router, as in my opinion (as well as many others), it is the best router for this task.


To Be Continued

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