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Knives for Defense

The focus of those interested in defending themselves is on firearms.  And this is certainly reasonable.  As was opined many years ago, “God made man, Samuel Colt made them equal”.  But a firearm is not always practical, and there are circumstances where a knife is a reasonable option.

See my article on this:




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Shotguns for Survival

For a short term, personal catastrophe, firearms are not always of great benefit.  For a more widespread, longer term, catastrophe, replenishing your food stocks and defending yourself from those who have snipped the threads holding them to humanity become of significant importance.  And in some of these cases, there is not much which is more effective than the appropriate firearm.

In this two part article, I take a look at perhaps the most versatile firearm choice, the ubiquitous shotgun.




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Tomahawks for Survival

Looking for an effective, easy to master weapon without the legal restrictions of a firearm?  Check out my article about tomahawks:


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Ganzo Knives Update

I’m pretty stoked about this brand with pretty decent quality at a very low price, so I did some more research into the whole line, or at least what appears to be the premium folding knife line.  The results are here:






I think I have all the “best” (by my standards and for my purposes) models except one.  Come on, next big sale!  Oh, and I’ll be keeping an eye out for interesting new models.  And maybe their knife sharpeners will become available in the States or through my Ganzo supplier, Gearbest.com



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