Tomahawks for Survival

Looking for an effective, easy to master weapon without the legal restrictions of a firearm?  Check out my article about tomahawks:

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Guest Blog: Survival Kit Basics

I was asked for a contribution to the “Art of an Outdoorsman” blog.   Here is what I sent:

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Some Field Knife Reviews

Finally, I got deals on some field knives.  These are the bigger knives, optimal for chopping, as compared to the smaller bush knives which are better at smaller or precise tasks.


KaBar/BK&T Machax:


Ontario RTAK II:


Benchmade HK Feint:


Benchmade Jungle Bolo:


I have two more of this class knife plus three bush class knives left to review, and that will probably be it for knife reviews for now.   Have I found the best knife in either class?  Probably not, but I think I’ve gone through a wide selection of knives which are “economically” priced.  There were only a few left on my list to try, and those ones seemed not to be available at a suitable discount.  So unless a company wants to send me one for review…

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Even More (Bush) Knife Reviews

Here are more reviews of medium or “bush” knives:


Cold Steel Master Hunter:


Buck/Hood Punk:


Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro:

(NOT the Ultimate, which is quite inferior)


I have three more bush knives to review, which will probably be it for this class of knife, for now.

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Radio Communication for Survival

Communications can be a problem during an emergency, or even just “on the road” or “on the trail”.  Here is an overview of the options for wireless comms:

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Databases for Survival

Your chances of survival are enhanced by having “stuff”.  More stuff is often better.  But what stuff do you have already, what stuff are you low on and is any of your stuff expired or nearly so?  Having an inventory is a wise choice.  This can be on paper, or a more versatile option is to use a computer database.  I like the freeware “MUIbase” for its ease of use and power and support.

See the article here:

Keep in mind that this is a PRE-SHTF solution.  Lack of electricity or an EMP may make your list unavailable.   So keep a backup on a USB protected from an EMP (in a “Faraday Cage”) and print out the list after major changes.


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Ganzo Knives Update

I’m pretty stoked about this brand with pretty decent quality at a very low price, so I did some more research into the whole line, or at least what appears to be the premium folding knife line.  The results are here:


I think I have all the “best” (by my standards and for my purposes) models except one.  Come on, next big sale!  Oh, and I’ll be keeping an eye out for interesting new models.  And maybe their knife sharpeners will become available in the States or through my Ganzo supplier,



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