Introduction to Slings

Carrying a long gun can be a bit of a hassle.  The solution is often a sling.


Part 1 (History and Technology):

Part 2 (How to choose a sling):



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2 responses to “Introduction to Slings

  1. I sling to carry but support to fire using my short bipod or back pack.
    I was trained on a simple canvas two point but prefer my Garand leather on QR studs. If I’ve got time, the Garand holds everything perfectly but it’s pretty much useless on carbine or bullpup designs..

  2. Yes, if you are “stationary” there are better support solutions.

    Why is it “pretty much useless” on a carbine or bullpup? I can sort of see why the bullpup might be a problem due to the geometry, but I’ve never fired one so can’t confirm. As for the carbine, about the only problem I see is that the rear sling attachment point tends to be on the side rather than the bottom, and there may be way to “fix” that.

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