Olight flashlight review

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3 responses to “Olight flashlight review

  1. “Such a flashlight should use common batteries”,
    Except I live in the UK.

    AA’s yep, common as muck here and cheap as chips.
    £1 buys you 8.

    CR123’s ?
    I have to go to the photo-shop or chemist to buy those.
    10 for £13.90 RRP and none of the supermarkets or 7-11’s stock them in the town near me.

  2. CR123 are pricey locally in the U.S. too, and generally not available at grocers. But there are a number of online places to get CR123 at reasonable prices online. I’ve got them off eBay and from batteryjunction.com for $1 or so. Never having lived in the UK, I’ve never investigated who will ship them there for a reasonable cost.

  3. Thinking about it, CR123 may not be universally common. But it is such a great battery and I’ve got several things which use them; buying remotely in bulk is such an ingrained habit that I didn’t consider that it might not be a common battery for every one. For EDC, I use rechargeables any way.

    If a person cannot get them cheaply, then a light which needs them is rather less indicated. But if they can be got cheaply, even with the annoyance of remote ordering, the much better performance available from them makes such a light very attractive.

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