Multiple Purpose Items

In an emergency, it is likely that you won’t be able to run out to specialty shops to get something you need.  If you are wise, you have some emergency supplies on hand, but what if you need something you don’t have?

Here is an interesting article about some common, multiple purpose items which you should have on hand.  If not, consider getting some.


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3 responses to “Multiple Purpose Items

  1. Hey cat-

    Just a heads up, below is a reply I gave u regarding your ‘fanatical remark’
    that is still moderated. Maybe its still in spam, maybe its denied, whatever, but I did respond to you. That was some time ago.

    @ e-cat
    Very good point. One must define what fanatical means, for surely, the apostle Paul was labeled such, and he was positively certain of his message.

    • Thanks for the head’s up. I don’t remember where this occurred though.

      Yep, kind of hard to be anything other than fanatical, when Jesus comes down and personally chastises you…

      • oh ok-
        It was on a hessianteeth thread-

        and ‘fanatical’ was thought to be a bad thing; truth be told, were all fans of something……………………………..

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