Yet another Survival Flashlight Update

A while back, I wrote about the Olight “Baton” or “S-series” line of pocket flashlights  (  They have updated the line again, coming out with the S10R, S15R and S20R.  These seem to have the same specs as the previous models; the “R” indicates they are rechargeable.  Since the specs are the same, should you replace the old ones?  I’m not going to, but if I did not already have one of each model (or had infinite funds), I’d be eager to try these.

What do you get in the “R” version?  A glow in the dark ring around the lens.  I’m not sure how useful this is, and it might be a problem if you needed the light to be completely dark for stealth purposes.  Next, all models have the low battery indicator in the switch.  This could be handy, although the old S20 model which claims to have this feature has never indicated “battery low” for me, even though I ran the batteries dry once.  Also, a different brand of light I have drains the battery when off thanks to this feature; they had to send out new end caps without this feature to existing customers.  I have not had this problem with the old S20, but whether it is because they have a better circuit, or the function is not really included or is broken in my light, I don’t know.

The lights now come with rechargeable batteries, which is handy.  But the real advancement is a new charging dock.  Now you don’t have to take out the battery and put it in a separate charger.  Just stick the light, using the built in magnet, to the new charging dock, and recharging occurs.

Are there better (pocket sized) lights out there than the Olight S series?  Not that I know of.  If you have any suggestions, please let me know.

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