God and Survival

Let us say that something has happened, and you are in a survival situation.  The first thing to do is to take stock of your situation.  Who, if anyone, is with you?  Are you or anyone with you in immediate danger?  If so, that needs to be addressed first, but other than immediate danger, you often have a few hours before the next thing HAS to be done.  It is best to use a bit of that time to figure out what things have to be done and in what order or time frame.

What do you (the entire group) have with you which would be useful (hopefully one or more appropriate survival kits)?  Does the environment provide anything useful?  What is needed to make the environment and your condition as survivable as possible?  What skills do you have?  Once you have figured out these things, it should be possible to develop a viable plan or at least general direction.

So far, we have been rooted in the ‘natural’; we should give at least some consideration to the the ‘supernatural’.

Pretty much every human being either has a belief in one of three ‘God’ systems, or does not have enough information to support a belief in any God system.  The three systems are Polytheism (many gods), Monotheism (one God) or Atheism (no god).  Not having enough knowledge to have one of these beliefs is generally called Agnosticism.

If you are an Atheist, you might as well stop right here.  If you believe that no god exists. then there is no point in looking for any help or comfort from that direction.  Return your attention to the natural.

If you believe that gods or God exists, then how come you are not already praying?  God answers every prayer, just not always with an answer that you hope for.  He has the choice of ‘yes’, ‘no’ or ‘not now’, and the ‘big picture’ view to select the appropriate response for him.  I know that it is a human trait to judge each and every event, and each and every prayer answer, based solely on its impact on us.  But any god which exists is so far beyond our comprehension that we can have no clue how the event or answer which seems bad to us affects things in HIS realm.  Sometimes what we see as ‘bad’, He knows to be ‘good’; sometimes all He is waiting for, is for us to ask.

If you do not know whether God exists or not, now might be a particularly good time to search Him out.  The best (just not the most pleasant) time to find Him is when you are at the ‘bottom’.

Irregardless whether you believe in God or don’t have any belief about God, praying to Him may or may not result in an perceivable improvement of your situation, but it certainly can’t make it any worse.  And the comfort of His presence can calm your fears, sharpen your focus on what YOU need to do to get through the situation and help you to accept whatever has happened and will happen.  Putting problems which you cannot do anything about onto someone who might be able to do something about them can be immensely relaxing.

There are those who think that faith in God replaces any need for action on their part.  This does not seem to be born out in practice or adequately supported by any ‘scripture’.  I prefer to think that God helps those who help themselves.  In other words, do what we can, and rely on Him for what we cannot do.  In all of life, not just a survival situation.

I have more to say on theological matters; if this is of interest to you, check out my new blog coming at blessedcat.wordpress.com.



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7 responses to “God and Survival

  1. I used to believe in my God until he started taking the very best for himself and leaving the worst behind. Now I believe in one thing, my wife and in turn she believes in me. Simple trust and faith just across the room and not corruptible by “religion”.

    • If God created everything, then it would seem that it is not a matter of Him ‘taking’ things, but Him ‘letting us have things’. And it has been my experience (so far) that the things He gives are pretty good. The theory is that there is another being who delights in the bad stuff. If God allows an instance of ‘bad’ (bad in OUR opinion), supposedly it is for a ‘greater good’. Not that is really much consolation to us.

      Note that ‘religion’ is of man, not God, and man is capable (and often eager) to screw up anything.

      Can you give me an example of a ‘very best’ which God ‘took’? And any evidence that it was He who took it?

      Certainly, belief and faith in your partner is of critical importance to that relationship and of significant importance to success in life.

      • A 16 year old young girl loved by all struck down by sudden illness from our work comes to mind. A 15 year of Roman Catholic Dutch boy, friendly and kind we knew taken for some higher reason. A whole loving Christian family of 6 in an unexplained car crash. I could go on but other readers will have similar lists. Evidence? Prove to me it wasn’t him. You can’t, I can’t. There again has anyone proven “he” even exists” in a court of law? No. Proof is what you know, call it taking things on faith. Then you read about and see the murderers, rapists, and other filth left to prowl he world. No, “he” takes the very best for himself.

      • Yep, sucks for us. There is a theory that the afterlife is better (for some) than life, but there is limited evidence to support this theory. We just have to hope it is true.

        Many terrible things happen to ‘good’ people and it seems that not enough terrible things happen to ‘bad’ people. And no, I can’t prove this perceived evil is not from God, or that God even exists. But then, I shouldn’t have to. The accuser bears the burden of proof, not the defendant. Seems that if we are willing to allow humans to be ‘innocent until proven guilty” that we ought to extend the same to God.

      • Of course not. What he is, is beyond our comprehension. But he is an intelligent entitiy, and deserves from us AT LEAST the consideration we require for ourselves..

  2. I agree with equipped cat! There is indeed a God that is not understandable to our minds. When I see a building I see a builder. When I see an invention I see an inventor. When I see a painting I see a painter. So when I see of a Creation I believe in a mighty Creator.

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